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Sylar – Post-Hardcore from New York City (english)

tiz 11. Juni 2014 english

Every day we receive thousands of thousand MP3s and band information and so on. This band is better and that style is better … it is quite hard to believe any more words about any band you guess.
One of these bands is Sylar from New York and all of us loved the music of this young, dynamic and talented band right from the scratch! So we had to interview vocalist Jayden Panesso and talked about TV-shows, Dreams, New York and the roots of the band.

DasROCKT!: As a so called “newcomer” ..how old are you guys and how is it to grow up in New York City?
Jayden: We are all in our early 20s and our drummer is 19. Growing up in NYC is honestly something very unique. You get to be around so many different people from all types of backgrounds and cultures. I feel like that really influences the way you are raised around here.
DasROCKT!: You just said “We thought bigger and that’s paying off for us now”. In which ways pays it off right now for you?
Jayden: When we thought bigger, we thought, lets tour, release good quality music that people will enjoy, get signed, etc. It’s paying off now because, we’re now doing things we dreamed about doing when starting the band.
DasROCKT!: When you will headline the big German metal festivals (or at least play some shows in Europe)?
Jayden: Haha I don’t know about a headliner anytime soon, but I can assure you everyone in the band is dying to come to Europe. Plus, we now have a booking agent in Europe, so that can only mean good things, right?

DasROCKT!: Electric Fragments are part of your music. Is that a revolutionary way to modify the hardcore genre and where does that influence of hardcore and even the electric parts come from?
Jayden: It’s honestly a way of incorporating more of the elements from all our musical backgrounds. We’re all huge on Hip-Hop & R&B, and just fans of electronics in Music. I’m a very big Linkin Park fan along with the rest of the band. Which is obviously a band that was very electronic driven, and also a big influence to Sylar.

DasROCKT!: The bands name is based on a character of the tv-show “Heroes”. What kind of tv-shows do you also watch/ed and who is your favorite comic/movie hero?
Jayden: I’m really big on TV shows, actually. I’m currently watching ‘Mad Men’ & ‘House’. Recently finished ‘House Of Cards’, and ‘Orange is The New Black’. Some of my all time favorite shows are ‘Lost’, ‘Alias’ and ‘Breaking Bad’. As a kid I literally had SO many Spider-man comic books, I can definitely say that’s my favorite super hero right up there with Batman.

DasROCKT!: With “Never Let It Go” you show a different side of yourself on the album. So the band Sylar is not focused on just the hard way of music?
Jayden: It’s funny because we finished this song and had a big discussion on whether we should put it on the record or not. It’s not the typical Sylar song that people know us by, but I think it’s a very easy song to listen to. I’m really curious to see how people are going to re-act to it.

DasROCKT!: I saw a shirt with the print “Don’t trust a hardcore kid who don’t likes punk”. How do you think about it?
Jayden: Haha I think everyone is entitled to like whatever they like.

DasROCKT!: Your debut album is called “To whom it my concern” What does it mean for you? Why have you chosen this title?
Jayden: The whole reasoning behind this title, was me just putting myself in the position of when I was really young and first getting into music. I would listen to a song sometimes and seriously feel like those lyrics were directly written about my life. I wanted to do the same with this record. Every song is a different situation/scenario, and the album is opened letter To whom it may concern. If someone relates to a song, then that song was written for them.

DasROCKT!: Please complete: We are crazy guys – you must love us, because…
Jayden: we are down to earth dudes.

DasROCKT!: What is about your future plans. Can you tell us something or concrete this?
Jayden: We are planning on touring a lot in the states and heading over seas as soon as we can. We’re also already in talks of writing our second album. No stopping!

DasROCKT!: Who are your musical idols?
Jayden: The list goes on forever, but I can definitely say, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Maná, Deftones, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Drake.

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